Bookmarking on steroids

Rackoot helps you organize your stuff, which is excellent for work and fun. Use the tiles to add up your essential things and have everything at reach all the time, everywhere.

You can share your Rackoots with your groups so everyone is well organized.

Rackoot - Organize links & make them accessible | Product Hunt

All you need in one place, but also the easiest way to share content, tools, and other stuff  

A centralized hub

With Rackoot, you can organize everything you need in a single place. It's easy to use, fast, and organized. 

Add your everyday tools, websites, and resources to your rackoot; they will be there when you need them.

You can have multiple tabs with different subjects, one for your business, another for your hobbies, or however you'd like to organize your stuff.



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The best way to share  

You can share your Rackoots with friends, colleagues, fellows, or whomever you want!

Become the point of reference by creating the set of tiles that your contact needs.


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How It works

Just create your account, add your preferred tiles (links) and start using it. 

Create your account with your e-mail
Add your preferred tiles (links)  
Organize them in the way you like
Share your Rackoot, or keep it to yourself